12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James - Success Through Offline Marketing

Russell Brunson, who has experienced a good deal of financial success on the web, has released a program called 12 Month Millionaire: Audio Coaching Sessions With Vincent James, an audio interview series. It is based on the now out-of-print book 12 Month Millionaire, that had been authored by Vince James. Vince James, an ex-convict, is extremely successful financially using direct mail marketing. His book shows ways for online marketers to make money, and Brunson interviewed James to enhance his own online marketing business.
Brunson has personally earned millions of dollars through the tactics he studied with James and today people flock to hear him speak about Internet marketing. The interview is focused on taking your online business offline and you will uncover a wealth of pertinent knowledge if that interests you. A lot of the points made in this interview probably won't be understood by the average online marketer. However, there are a few useful points that will be understood by the clever marketer, who will be able to use the information to improve his business.
The first interview session is centered on exactly how the 21-year-old Vincent James created a million dollar business. He reveals the road to his success and the specific niche he chose to get there. He describes how he was able to put together a membership site and obtain 65,000 paying subscribers within the first year. In session two, you'll learn about being an information publisher, together with developing info products. Vincent talks about the secret methods he made use of to successfully sell info products by utilizing direct marketing and direct mailing. Everyone talks about creating a list, and in session three, Vincent teaches his techniques on building a list, and maintaining the most up-to-date information of not only the customers, but also the prospective buyers. You are going to discover how much your customers are worth to you as well as a few ways that you can funnel them into a continuous flow of income.
In the fourth session, Vincent teaches you in the advertising strategies he utilized to successfully grow his business. If you require some assistance converting traffic into sales, this session will be great for you. You are going to learn more advertising methods in session five, such as using commercial ads on radio and TV, to generate leads. In any business, you're going to encounter problems, so in session six, Vincent keeps his focus on how to deal with potential issues that crop up. Learn how to handle it when someone duplicates your product without your consent.
It is easy to locate an online product that will help you learn to earn money. Some are much better than others, and many usually are not newbie-friendly. This program provides a number of very helpful information when it comes to earning money through offline marketing. Whether you just started internet marketing yesterday or have been at it for a long time, these interviews will give you some good information.

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